All is well

A mantra to bring peace to the soul, a nudge to right course is what it contains. Even though deep down I know very well that all is not well, just by saying it aloud is an instant lift and a positive affirmation. A peace keeping deal!

Even if you are in a dire situation, the courage to chant these magic words will instantly work in favor for you. Remember to firmly trust and believe in it. As the hymn itself says;

whatever my lot,
Thou has taught me to say,
It is well, it is well, with my soul…

Hope all is well with you as well,


Time heals everything

Quite intriguing and a much comforting three words! But it’s true, physical or emotional – time heals everything! That makes us very fortunate and there begins the initial process of healing, to ease everything off.

No matter what or who you are,  we are all imperfect and inexperienced, prone to hurt, pangs and pains are common to us. It has many faces and act as a constant never ending chain. We hurt ourselves and others equally. It doesn’t have to be intentional all the time. But, it’s easy to project and make the wound much deeper. If you’re a sensitive person, that could be a disaster and a fodder to foment troubles. But, not yet! The universe and time works hand in hand to rescue us, which is a big relief. Instead of hasty non-sense just be there and enjoy the ride.

As a wonderful carrier, what time does is quite simple. Time simply moves forward constantly chasing new and fresh beginnings. It doesn’t have the concept of looking back or waiting for anything or anyone.

Time plays an art of healing oblivious to our feelings and  situation for our own good . It takes us, engages  us and leaves us in a new realm to ease everything. As time passes, memory fades,  fresh and new things emerges. But still it allows you to cherish the souvenir, to reflect and react and make us better as reasonable human being.

Whether we like it or not, we forget and move forward with time, the greatest healer – God’s wonderful provision!

True shining stars

Happy Father's day..

The greatest gift I ever had come from God; I call him dad. Unknown 

One father is more than a hundred school masters – George Herbert 

He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. Clarence Budington Kelland 

The word ‘father’ holds everything to a child; you’re obliged to safeguard his/her trust. Even though there aren’t any accolades for fathers, their affable and gracious presence are so precious than any other presents. They’re the true shinning stars!  Their teachings are pearl of wisdom to their children. 

Even though darn strict, I always enjoyed my father’s presence – be it his advice, sarcastic jokes or at times punishment – the time I got to spent with him and be around him were all still special to me. Even better time was my short time with my grandpa! The most precious memory I have is my granddad’s last blessings to his only granddaughter  before his passing. Even though I was away at the time, he waited until I reached home to hold me and bless me. Imagine the scene where people and priests are waiting to bid goodbye and my grandpa still holding on his hope to see me for one last time. I was just two years at the time. Even though the scenario was such tensed at the time, I’m thankful for his last minute effort to bless me! Then he closed his eyes and went to be with the Lord! The blessed and cherished  memory  that’s just mine!

Now as for my kids, they adore their dad. His presence is simply a joyful and peaceful paradise for them. That made me conclude that; it doesn’t matter who you are in this world, what matters is what you are in front of your children. These small beings are looking up to you way more than their mothers since you possess something divine by nature. You are the strong root that holds the entire family with the unconditional love, integrity and trust.

Get them talk proudly about you to others, come home with an open and blameless heart. As it says in the Bible, Train up a child in the way which he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.  And that’s the greatest joy and accomplishment in life!

Since that’s the scenario, spring out and continue being a shining star by doing simple yet priceless tasks in the family. Pay close attention to every small and big things your kids do with encouraging words and motivate them whilst you nurture, care and protect them against insidious pleasures and fake identities out there.

Life is darn short and fragile, yet more prone to clutter our hearts with failures, disappointments, frustrations and confusions that often tend us totally oblivious to the bright side of life. But, life matters!

Let me retire by wishing all the fathers who run life’s race, have their lives filled with abundance of fun and healthy relationship with their children and lead an interesting and pleasant life to shine through as a father… Let the Heaven pour lots of blessings on you!

Happy Father’s Day!!

Happy Mother’s Day! A special tribute to a wonderful mother!

Rose vase-When you were small and just a touch away, I covered you with blankets against the cold air. But now that you are tall and out of reach, I fold my hands and cover you with prayer. Dona Maddux Cooper

Well, this is the day I have been waiting for. The best time to give tribute to a wonderful lady who sacrificed the deepest part of her life for the sake of her children even though she had to face hell load of struggles to go on with life in a normal way.

Like the declining sun that slowly gives way to the darkness, her marriage that spelled soulful, savaged rest of her life eventually brought her into a world amidst struggles and shattered expectations…As the puzzle solidified to near half a dozen babies under her wings that eventually made her roiled in her uncanny whim to stay strong and indulged in own blessed motherly instincts to keep them always safe yet in a path of excellence. Today they are all well educated and are in better positions!

The way she ignored whatever would foment the grudge and the hindrances in a peaceful oblivion were all moved by her million little rays of hope on her children, eventually made her a winner! Till date, the blessed sight of her pray in the early morning and well thought life style are sufficient enough to inspire and enthrall any one! Hats off to her!

Happy Mothers’ Day!   

How to know love from deceit

How to know love from deceit  
by William Blake

Love to faults is always blind
Always is to joy inclind
Lawless wingd & unconfind
And breaks all chains from every mind

Deceit to secresy confind
Lawful cautious & refind
To everything but interest blind
And forges fetters for the mindIMG_7117-7Two universally powerful traits love and lies have a strong grip on us. We never bother to distinguish it. If we look close into it, our lives are entangled in the clasp of these two seemingly strong miens.

Wise souls say, do everything out of love. Never let deceit to be anywhere around. We agree on that, but our actions say otherwise and often fail our conviction. Ever since the world fell under the grip of deception, the act of deceit deem nice and normal to us. Hence we manipulate deceit and reward our lives at the expense of others. It has the uncanny ability to make you an unwitting winner at first! As if like, deceit and thrive, repent tomorrow.

On the contrary, love conceals the fault and is always content. Love lightens up and eases everything; bends the rules, penetrates through and perfects everything. Never ending and far forgiving, love is the foremost thing to keep us sane and it’s relevant to foster it no matter the circumstances. Yet the world adores lies….But remember that the creation happened out of love. So love prevails!

Embrace doing the best!

In my heart I’m convinced that it’s the best practice that beautifies and strengthens the core values of our lives, a graceful quality to practice as life goes on… Or where would we wind up if we lack a well thought action to align with our decisions, suitably succeed the present and margin to move forward to the future. It defines you who you are and thus able to firmly keep one’s foot solidly on the ground.

Is it to get applause or appreciation from around? Never! Instead we need it to gain the quality and the freedom to pursue a peaceful and successful life. As we go, if we are able to get a deep sense of satisfaction and relief that we played well makes a big difference. A sense of relief that we didn’t waste our time and energy! To stay away from being apathetic and callous to self, an ultimate freedom from fear and failure!

I know it’s not an easy task for anyone. It’s a huge challenge. Any hint of distraction could hinder the steady progress unless we are equipped to face it. I realized that utmost focus and persistence plays a key role to pass through … The sheer shadow of pressure and all the intricate hurdles are not what we think…it’s messy! That’s where we need to build a team, an ultimate teaming with our mentor up above! To ace in everything gracefully!

Raise your glance above to heed His guidance to maneuver the path we’ve chosen. If ever cross such thoughts that you can do things alone without divine direction and approval, alas! It’s utterly folly to entertain. See the mess in this world even if we are at the peak of success and stability!

Yet am compelled to keep doing the best and embrace doing the best. I know its innate in me. After all what’s the point in life if we lose the ground and float in the void! Happy Easter

Where is God on Monday?!

IMG-90867The question of course caught me off guard. As far as I know Monday is considered as one of the auspicious days to start any new venture or for ceremonies as such. But in many ways, after the blissful weekend, Monday always doesn’t get the majestic welcome it deserves.  Obviously, finding the answer for  “Where is God on Monday?!” would help to put things into perspective.

I appreciate my innate curiosity to find an answer to satisfy my intense desire. But, given the current turbulence and the copious amount of inequities, out of nowhere  the humorous side took the turn. To ease the tension as I pursue the path 😉 Lots of different options here to begin with since we’re living in a time where war and weapons plays an important role. So allow me to comfortably say, On Monday; He would probably review our progress in peace keeping.He examines our wealth of technology, wits and wisdom. Our curiosity on Mars and our sincere efforts to make it miserable, too 🙂

Although our reasoning seems genuinely fair, often the results are epic failure. The insecurities and imbalances are evident for that. Well, humour aside, As Charles Dickens said, “Reflect upon your present blessings — of which every man has many — not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.” We’re in fact proud of our achievements and how we evolved over the period. So grateful, indeed!

But, interestingly when it comes to the first work day of the week we tend to surrender to our own stupidity and ignorance. Instead of being respectful and grateful for such a beautiful day, Monday appears as a menace to spoil the beauty of our blissful weekend. We blame the blessed day before even it appears at the facade. The surge of social media influenced us to follow certain things and train ourselves in a certain way to follow the fancy crowd. Hence we became the followers of fancy trends. We blindly follow the path no matter what or where it leads.

Often we see messages to dissuade the beauty of the day by degrading it as the most dreadful day and has become a common occurrence. Even if we know it only helps to spread the negative vibe around, we find comfort in conveniently blaming Monday. It raises a genuine query on where the real problem lies ? Is it on Monday or man? One quick glimpse over things helped me to maneuver my mind. 

Uncertainty and levels of anxiety over things is dreadfully high – although we have made significant improvements in life. We feel the shift in losing significant amount of quality and grace over vain.  The struggle to survive comes in the picture. Unscrupulous folks – from the mighty boss at the firm to raise and rise weakens our every reasoning and motivation.

We’re only humans, imperfect and prone to make mistakes. I hope finding where is God on Monday at least helps to put things into perspective. Take example from the Supreme power Himself. I appreciate the chance for being here and to write my two cents worth of words. I hope it would be helpful to boost the positive vibe and a better force to shine.

HummingbirdBelieve it or not, there is a Supreme creator behind everything on this planet and the mighty universe itself. He literally worked Monday through Friday to equip earth and the universe for us to call home. He did it with pure love and passion. After each day’s work He found everything good. The next two days He would’ve spent on reflecting and admiring His work. Till date His work seems intact and up to par.

That doesn’t mean His work is done. It still continues as we need His mercy and miracles to survive each day.  He is walking among us, showering unexpected favors, and lending a helping hand when in need. Often in the form of strangers, popping unexpectedly from nowhere, strengthening the stewards and our Government to take wise decision, helping leaders to stay put amidst chaos, nudging people to stretch their hands to reach many in need of help and chasing away the devious from His children etc..

Just like Him, for us, throughout the week, it’s a chance to act the way God would’ve acted, seeking the opportune time and spreading the positive impact on others, inspiring the lives of others, a magnetic effect to attract just and fine. Be grateful for such a good thought! Remember, the presence of God is around you. That’s what I’d like to think about the whole concept of “Where is God on Monday?” He is with us on Monday, all day, all week, and every moment.